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Parrish Charles, known professionally as Parrish, is a producer, rapper, singer, and songwriter bursting onto the music scene. Based in Los Angeles, Parrish is working hard on building up his sound – along with some of the best in the industry.

With an Opera singer for a father, Parrish was basically destined to work in music – he says, “my father’s fire and passion for music lives in me”. Parrish has been smart enough to surround himself with a strong and talented team, including Ray Charles Jr a great engineer who has recorded artist like (Travis Scott, Rihanna, Usher) Ray has helped and inspired Parrish to find a sound that fits him, and build on it as well.

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Parrish is determining his own destiny and not holding back from his true creativity, he’s writing the kind of music he wants to write. As he says, “we can not know failure unless we try”; well Parrish is certainly trying – and succeeding for that matter.

Describing his genre as hip hop, RnB, and pop, Parrish writes, produces and sings/raps all of his music. Music is Parrish’s “day job, afternoon job, and evening job”; he’s hustling like crazy toward his musical goal to be an inspiration, a role model, and to “stand on a stage and touch people with my music”.

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