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As the pandemic hit, Jiana, an upcoming talent with the traits of a child’s free spirit and natural tendency to express her feelings and inner world through music, found herself confined at home. Lockdowns gave her little options on dancing and performing, leaving her distressed: so much artistic power but no room for it to burst out and come to life!


Young artists: Rising star Jiana releases her debut single: Don’t do that

 Jiana showed her inclination towards music from a very young age. Shortly after she started walking, she began dancing and singing.

Music and dancing became her passion, and combined with her natural talent, she was drawn to taking part in many dancing competitions, bringing home many first and second place prizes.

It became clear that rhythm was running through the young and talented artist, and that she’s not an ordinary child who just enjoys music, but a rising star waiting to surface in the artistic spectrum.

Her father persisted in trying to inspire her to make music during this harsh period, but Jiana didn’t pay much attention at first. Every day she gave joy to her family, singing and dancing around the house, making Tik Tok videos and listening to pop music, a power-bomb waiting to detonate!


Jiana new release is out on all platforms,  Her blend of Soul & R&B in this acoustic track will have you vibing good feelings. Stay tuned for more of JIJI. new releases.

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After a while, thankfully, her father finally convinced her to come to the studio to record a track, and that’s where the real magic started to unfold. Jiana recorded her first track, Don’t do that, and left her father’s colleagues with open mouths-everybody agreed the child was a rising star. 

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