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   We aspire to inspire.

About Us

We are a new independent Music  Production Company with an ambitious mission to provide a platform for thriving and talented artists. We share a diverse vision of bringing together talented singers and producers and exposing them to the music industry. The CEO of TraBoy Productions wants to enhance their image as a competitive Production company

We believe that music has no boundaries, and we plan to spread our music all across the globe, bringing together different cultures and genres.​ TraBoy Productions is searching for gifted singers, with a flair and who performs for the love of music. Languages and borders divide us, but it is the sound of music that unites us.

Unifying Force

Music is the only unifying force left in the world, and we intend to fully capitalize on it, in an engaging and positive manner. TraBoy Productions aims to provide a platform for those individuals who are talented and full of creativity. We will help them define their careers in the music industry in the upcoming years. We aspire to bring

together the hottest producers and creative talent to produce and promote, which people are yearning for.

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